ocean of games – L A Noire Detective Game Download

Overview of Game Games featuring various gadgets to use and detective skills to show case are really awesome. Including the crime scenes, investigations and to follow suspects as well as clues and traces to get to the real culprit. Such games are a favorite for an enormous amount of audience. L. A. Noire Detective game … Read more

ocean of games – Company of Heroes 2 Game Download Free

Overview of Game This is a role playing game following strategies in a video game that is published by Sega and developed by the Relic Entertainment. This game is a second game in the series of the Company of Heroes available for the Macintosh Operating Systems, Windows X and the Microsoft Windows in 2006. The … Read more

ocean of games – Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Game Download For PC

Overview Of Game Shooting games and that too with snipers have been a hit in the gaming markets. Now if you add a mix of strategy in the game the experience and story line and interest of the gamers in piqued. Sniper Elite V2 Remastered game is a definition of such a game. This is … Read more